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cabinetman: 8-)Don't give up on the toolbox. Among other things, I'm starting a rehab on my shed. Mar 12, 2014 6:10:53 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)But, to do that I have to service my compressor...drain tank, change oil, clean filter, etc. Mar 12, 2014 6:11:57 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)But, to drain the tank, I have to change out the bottom drain assembly. The petcock is faulty. Mar 12, 2014 6:12:40 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)There's always something to do before you have to do something...know what I mean? Mar 12, 2014 6:13:34 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)My shed is faced with T1-11. I cut 3 panels in height out of a full sheet. I have to run a skil saw horizontally to cut out rotted panels. Mar 12, 2014 6:15:21 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)And, I have to sand the panels before I put several coats of paint on them. But in sanding fronts and back to get the loose stuff off, I'll need to blow off the panels before painting...hence...servicing the compressor. Mar 12, 2014 6:17:05 GMT -8
Joe Lyddon: Yep... know how it is... Before you start something, you need tool A... You have to Find tool A... Moving 3-4 things looking for it... if you're lucky to find it, then you have to make room to USE it, etc. etc,. One long string of BS b4 starting! :) Mar 12, 2014 15:24:34 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)Yesterday serviced the compressor. Air filter was plugged up, so I used a few layers of ScotchBrite pad (gray). Works great. Mar 14, 2014 0:28:57 GMT -8 *
Joe Lyddon: I think I'll start making some Planters out of the Redwood I salvaged from dog house. Mar 14, 2014 14:12:26 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)Joe, have you noticed the last part of the messages have disappeared (from March 14 to date). Apr 2, 2014 9:52:24 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)Something is amiss with the Shout Box. Apr 2, 2014 9:53:15 GMT -8
Joe Lyddon: Mike, I killed some posts that seemed to be outdated and no longer pertinent... Hope I didn't kill something you wanted? :) ... Sharp eye! Apr 3, 2014 20:55:08 GMT -8
Joe Lyddon: Looks like other posts have been deleted... that I did NOT delete... Strange... Very Strange... More fun! :) Apr 3, 2014 20:57:19 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)Joe, the deleted posts are from March 14th forward...not older ones. Apr 5, 2014 7:18:21 GMT -8
Joe Lyddon: Knock Knock... Who's there...?? Apr 15, 2014 9:39:25 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)I give up...who? :D Apr 17, 2014 0:35:35 GMT -8
Joe Lyddon: When is a Door NOT a Door? Apr 17, 2014 10:50:55 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)When it's a jar (ajar). Apr 17, 2014 15:05:30 GMT -8
cabinetman: 8-)Knock knock... Apr 17, 2014 15:06:06 GMT -8
Joe Lyddon: Who's there? Apr 21, 2014 16:08:48 GMT -8
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